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Salsa Star Show!

 Social Dance

Everyone needs a place to dance whether you are learning new dance steps, and need a place to practice. 

Or you might already be a ballroom dancer, and you are simply looking for a dance venue.

We offer a monthly social dance evening.

Our social evenings are open to our own students as well as the general public interested in Ballroom Dancing.

Our parties provide a supportive dance environment and allow you to practice Ballroom & Latin Dances,

learn about dance floor etiquette; experience dancing with a variety of partners as well as meet and socialize with other students.

Everyone welcome. No dance experience needed. 

We make sure everyone is able to join in and we'll have you dancing by the time you leave. 

Great Music. Ballroom, Latin & Salsa. No Sequence.

Guests are welcome to bring along their own beverage (glass ware supplied). 

Refreshments included.

Up-Coming Dates: 


VENUE: St Michaels Parish Hall. 


£5 entry. 

Viennese Waltz Classes 

Not covered in our regular group class program, the Viennese Waltz will be taught in one off workshops.

This rotary dance sees dancers constantly turning to their left or right.

Our approach in teaching the basics of this complex dance is fun and relaxed.